How It Works

The Process

1) Sign-up For An Account

Sign up for an account here with the name that you would like to use for pick-up, we highly recommend that you include your last name so that there is not any confusion during pick-up!

2) Pick Your Meals

You can find our menu here, on the "menu" sidebar, or on the homepage.
We have both salad options and dinner entree's which come with more protein.

There are no commitments or order minimums. Buy what you want, whenever you want. Our menu rotates weekly, all orders are due by 9pm every Thursday.

3) Order more and SAVE!!

You get bigger price breaks the more you order! Getting meals for the whole family doesn't have to break the bank. Discount is automatically applied

Tiered pricing is as follows:

-5+ meals and save 5%
-10+ meals and save 7%
-15+ meals and save 10%
-20+ meals and save 12%
-25+ meals and save 15%!

4) Check-out, Pick-up & Delivery

After you are done picking your meals check out with Shopify's Secured Check-out and choose between Pick-up or Delivery.


All orders for pick-up will be ready by 4:30pm every Sunday at Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant on Capital Hill. The pick-up location is located on the corner of Pike & Harvard. There is usually pick-up parking located directly in front of the restaurant, and also free 30 minute parking at the upper QFC parking lot if you register at the stall.

To pick-up your meals please proceed to the bar and let the Bartenders know you are picking up for CleanEats. Available pick-up times are as follows:
Sunday: 4:30pm-10:30pm
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-3:30pm & 4:30pm-10:30pm

You will receive a reuse-able CleanEats bag to take your meals home, feel free to use them how you would like just remember to bring them back to swap at every pick-up!


CleanEats offers Sunday deliveries all-over King County, the fee for delivery is a minimum of $5 and depends on driving distance away from the pick-up location.
You can check your specific delivery fee at checkout.

The Sunday delivery window is between 3pm-8pm depending on volume, your CleanEats delivery driver will send you a text to the number you have provided on Sunday with an ETA to narrow down that window for you..

If you are not planning on being home please let us know and we can prepare a cooler bag with ice to keep your meals safe. We recommend you buy your own high quality insulated bags with reuse-able gel packs for extra protection.
Returning customers please remember to leave all your bags out front ready to swap. Extra fee's will be added for bags that are not returned.


How long do the meals last?
The majority of your meals will last until end of day Friday. We highly recommend that you eat your meals with Seafood and softer salads (e.g. Spring Mix) by end of day Wednesday for maximum freshness.

Can I freeze my meals?
CleanEats meals are prepared and intended for your to consume fresh, we do not recommend freezing the meals since this can affect texture and nutritional value of the food.

What do I do with all these bags?
Please bring bags back the next time you pick-up your meals to be swapped.
In order to keep costs down for all our customers we will have to charge for multiple missing bags. 

How should I heat up my food?
For best texture and flavor removing the food and warming in the oven is recommended. However that is not always convenient or practical. Microwaving for 60-90 seconds depending on microwave power will suffice for most meals.

What if I have food allergies?
While the majority of our meals are gluten-free and allergen free, we do use a diverse quantity to maintain variety for our customers. We cannot recommend this service for anyone with major life-threatening food allergies. If in doubt please check the meal page for list of ingredients for each meal or contact us by email at 



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