Meet our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Seattle's Premier Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Liz Wyosnick MS, RDN is the newest addition to CleanEats Seattle! Liz is a Seattle-based registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition science from Bastyr University. Her professional nutrition practice is equilibriyum - an ode to the delicious state of balance the body can achieve with sound nutrition. Her food philosophy is to enjoy it! and thrive on whole foods with clean ingredients, prepared with intention, that is why she supports the mission of CleanEats Seattle. 
RD-approved meals. Liz will routinely review our menu and provide approval on macro- and micronutrient adequacy for general health, wellness, and longevity. 
If you desire one-on-one guidance on any health and nutrition matter, please contact our dietitian, Liz Wyosnick. No matter if your goal is to optimize fitness, boost energy, lose weight, or improve internal health, Liz strives to make health work for busy individuals by guiding them through habit creation, planning techniques, and educating on small changes that can make a huge difference. 



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